Hey There!

I’m Ross and I’m so glad to be a part of this community with you. I recently joined the Goby team but growing up as a kid in my dad’s house, I feel like this message is deep within me. 

A little about me… I’m married to my high school sweetheart Michelle. We have been together for 16 years and married for almost 9. We’ve been together longer than we’ve been apart at this point! We have two beautiful daughters- Everly who is 6 and June who turns 4 in a few weeks. Prior to working on the Goby team, I was a pastoral counselor at our church and I’m currently working to gaining my certification as a licensed professional counselor (LPC). 

I have a marking memory of being in college and watching my dad passionately share about an extensive effort to help the next generation. It was one of many times that I heard him in this context but this one hit me differently. I always knew that I had a drive to help others, whether it be friends struggling or a person in need. But it was this moment where I began to understand where it came from. 

Because of my dad’s struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, his life was oriented in the direction of helping others, in many different ways. It wasn’t something he did, rather who he was and that become a foundational value of our family. Although his battles were beyond challenging and bring a lot of pain and suffering, one of his favorite verses, Romans 8:28 is being worked out. God is taking hard things and using them for His good. 

And that is the message of Goby.

We can do hard things, because God is with us.

And we can help others along the way.

This is the gospel Jesus preached. Its God’s plan to save humanity. And he uses broken tools like you and me to do it. 

So if you are struggling today, we understand. I am sorry for the pain you are experiencing. But I also believe that God can use your pain for His purposes. That you can make it through. That we do serve a God who calms the storm, who is near to the broken hearted. So keep going. There is joy in the morning. 

Thanks for being on this journey with us!