Have you ever noticed how categories can make us feel comfortable? If we can fit something into a particular box, it can seem to make more sense to us. Blurred lines aren’t always our favorites. The problem with this line of thinking is that everything doesn’t always fit into neat categories. Many people ask me if I think my battle with anxiety is emotional, physical, or spiritual. 

My answer to that question is, “Yes.”

My mind impacts my emotional wellness.

My body impacts my emotional wellness.

My spirit impacts my emotional wellness.

The categories are independent, but they have a direct impact on each other and my emotional wellness. 

I have become acutely aware of how connected my mind, body, and soul are and the futility of trying to compartmentalize any challenge in my life into any one category. My spirit is affected by the focus of my mind. It’s why when I’m asked to join friends at some blockbuster movie that is high in intensity or (God forbid) horror, I always decline. My standard answer is, “Thanks, I’m sure it will be great for you, but my heart beats fast regularly, I don’t need to pay ten bucks to be scared.” My physical condition affects and is affected by the level of my emotional health. If you have ever caught yourself stress eating, you know what I’m talking about! 

In the dark times of my anxiety, I tried a myriad of exercises and techniques to bring me back to some sense of emotional well-being.  Knowing that my physical health plays a vital role, I try my best to exercise regularly and be somewhat disciplined about nutrition.  I have been intentional about cultivating certain close relationships.  These relationships allow me to be completely open and honest about my doubts and struggles during the dark times of my soul.  Prolific authors have taught me the value of soul care and I try, whenever possible to live a sustainable pace of life.   This work of the soul positions me for true wellness.  

I believe emotional health is not the absence of emotional challenges.  For me, emotional health is the development of an overcoming spirit.  It takes intentionality to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit. 

I have a few things you can try this week to help you be intentional about your mental wellness. Click here for a free resource to help your mind, body, and soul this week.