I think all Gobies can benefit from three very important lessons:


1. We can do hard things because God is with us.

2. We keep our eyes on the Son.

3. We get to help others along the way.


When life gets hectic, like we are about to experience in December, we can start to feel overwhelmed, anxious, maybe off our regular rhythm. I have found that when I create a rhythm of life, as opposed to a balance in life, my mental health is better. The truths in the Goby lessons help me when I start to feel myself move to unhealth. One little guy I know says it feels like his mind fills with thinking thoughts. It can be hard for young ones to put words to what they are feeling and “thinking thoughts” is his way of explaining the thinking and overthinking many of us may do when we are trying to make sense of what feels like chaos around us. Your kids may struggle expressing themselves, too. Be on the lookout for signs that they may be showing -you know, sleeping too little, sleeping too much, acting up at school, being extra clingy, being distant. Their actions and behaviors may speak louder than their words can depending on their age and maturity. 

We created our Let’s Make it a Goby Christmas Advent Calendar as a way for you and your family to engage in fun activities that help reinforce the three important lessons of the Goby message. 

When I remember that God is always with me, that I need to keep my eyes on the Son, and that I get to help others along the way, I put myself in the best position to handle the not so calm waters that December can bring. I also find that dedicating specific time to focusing on Jesus and the Gift He is in my life helps me stay grounded. 

And can you do two things for me? 


1. Will you share this download with someone in your life? You can invite them to be a part of the Goby Family as well!


2. As you work through your Goby Christmas Advent Calendar, will you share on your Facebook and Instagram accounts using the hashtag #beagoby ? We will repost on our social sites so that everyone can see how we are better together no matter what season!