What is a goby?

Goby is a global community that exists to change the awareness, perception and wellness for those dealing with mental health issues. We do this through empowering a global community from the bottom up through Jesus lead resources, coaching and community. Mental issues do not have the power over our lives, our children’s lives and will not tear down the identities and hopes of this or future generations. Be a Goby. 

We believe in His strength in our weakness

We believe mental health should be normalized, accepted and supported

We believe in empowering a global audience through Jesus lead mental health resources, coaching and community

It’s my story.
It’s your story.
It’s the message of the Bible.

Transformation comes through resistance. Upstream swimming isn’t the absence of God—many times, it’s the signal of His Presence. His grace shows up in weakness, and it’s how He builds strength. Mix in a YouTube video called “How to Draw Cartoon Fish,” have a name that rhymes with a goby, and one Thursday night in a room full of people in Denton, Texas, Toby the Goby was born.

Our goal is to help people find hope and freedom in the middle of the rough waters of anxiety, depression, and the challenges of today’s world. I’m so glad to be able to share it with you.

Swimming upstream together,

Toby and Mika