Here we are.

Back to School.

Whether you are ready or not, the First Day of School is headed your way. We have spent some time talking as a team about ways we can partner with you to help your gobies have their very best year! August is Back to School month, and at, we are excited to share all kinds of resources with you! Great news -there is no cost for any of them! We will talk about routines and habits that can help your elementary, middle, and high school kids. And don’t forget, gobies help each other along the way, so be sure to share this with someone you know! Let’s get started!

Create a Morning Routine

Elementary Kids
How a day ends is dependent on how it begins. One thing that can help your kids not feel as overwhelmed in the morning is routine. Not only will it help them have a great start to their morning, but you are also laying the foundation for reinforcing a good practice for their life. Have your kids wake up at the same time. Make sure to have enough time to get where you need to be without rushing. Moms and dads…wake up earlier so that you can have some quiet moments for yourself before you get your kids going! Mornings are probably not the best time to be corrective unless absolutely necessary. Remember, there is a time and a place for everything, and righting behaviors early in the morning will most likely not give you the results you are looking for. It’s also a good idea to give yourself and your kiddos some time to adjust. Start the school morning routine a week or two before the first day. I know this part won’t be fun, but it will be worth it. And don’t forget to praise your kids along the way. Each of your kids will see morning routines a little differently. One may like it, and one may not. Be sure to encourage them equally.

Middle School Kids
Your middle schooler loves to sleep. They love staying up late, and we know their sleep patterns are changing as much as they are! A morning routine is critical in helping them have a great start to their day. The truth is middle schoolers will thrive with a set routine, but they may not enjoy having the routine. That’s ok. One way you can help them value the routine-I know, that’s a stretch….is to let them be involved in creating it. Sit down with them and create a plan before the first week of school. Give them a chance to share what works for them and what steps they want to map out for their morning. Encourage them to be involved in creating the system that will get them out the door with a smile. These steps may not make your middle schooler a morning person, but routine will help your middle schooler have a better morning.

High School Kids
You may have the most challenging time convincing your high schooler that they need a morning routine but just like they needed one in elementary-they need one now. Of course, their routine will look drastically different than when they were younger. Maybe you have a driver or soon-to-be driver. This brings all kinds of extra energy to your morning! Your high schooler may be completely independent with their morning routine, but they still need your presence in their life. Whatever age they are, your relationship matters. And if you are in a season where they are pulling away, go with them. Mornings can be a time when you see them for just a few seconds as they rush out the door. Your routine should include intentional time to make those moments count. Let your kids know you love them. They don’t look like elementary kids or act like middle school kids, but they need your encouragement and support.

Be sure and check out our Back-To-School Resources on our website. Download and print them out to use throughout the school year. You can also send them to a friend or two!

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