The First Day of School is headed your way. Our team is working hard on finding ways to partner with you to help your gobies have their very best year! If you are new here, welcome! August is Back to School month at, and we are excited to share all kinds of resources with you! Great news…there is no cost for any of them! We are excited to share our conversation about nighttime routines this week. We have something for your elementary, middle, and high schoolers- and even for mom and dad this week! Keep in mind gobies help each other along the way, so be sure to share this with someone you know! Let’s get started!

Create a Nighttime Routine

Elementary Kids

Creating a nighttime routine will help your entire house wind down. Having time to slow your minds and your bodies will help everyone in the house to have a restful night’s sleep. You know your kids better than anyone. Help them establish a healthy bedtime and keep it consistent, especially on school nights. Be sure to include reading a book or two in their nighttime routine. Be intentional and consistent. Your kids may push back a bit at first but stay the course. It will be worth it!

Middle School Kids

Spend intentional time with your kids, hearing about their day, checking in with them, and seeing how they are really doing before it’s time for the wind-down. Your middle schooler may not like what time their bedtime should be. Establishing the agreed-upon time for lights before the lights are out important. Right before bed is not the best time for corrective measures-deciding this time in advance is a good idea. Also, decide on an electronics policy. We all know that powering down before bedtime is helpful. Use the power down hour as a time to replace the scrolling with something else. Maybe a book, maybe a show-for sure, something you and your kid decide together! Each house is different, but your expectations should be clear and consistent.

High School Kids

Your high schooler may be working late, getting home late, having tons of homework, having friend commitments, etc. Their bedtime routine will look much different than any other kids in your home. But it’s important to help them learn the self-discipline it takes to listen to their bodies to know the power of a good night’s rest. Use this season as a time to help them learn healthy boundaries with their time and plans. They may want to do it all but doing it all potentially makes a healthy bedtime hard to achieve. Here’s another thing to remember-nighttime may be the best time to connect with your soon-to-be adult. Lean into that space. Be present with them even though you may want to turn in at 8 pm! 

Bedtime routines are about intentionality. We have something that we think will help your kids and you! You will be taken to free downloads of age-specific planners by clicking the pictures below. Print a few out and try this….have your kids plan their day out before they go to bed the night before! That way, they know exactly what’s coming, what’s scheduled, and what to expect. This practice can help alleviate some overwhelming feelings that naturally happen due to the unknown. And we think this is a good practice for you, mom and dad! So, we created one just for you!

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