Let’s celebrate!

Are you sometimes guilty of not being a natural encourager or someone who doesn’t celebrate much?

Being an encourager and being a person that celebrates takes intentionality. We all get busy and sometimes pass over celebrating the people we love. I get it. It happens. Celebrating your kids and being an encourager to your kids is just as important as helping them learn all the other things you are trying to teach them! This week, we are talking about steps you can take to make sure that you include celebration as part of your back-to-school routine.

Let’s Celebrate Them

Look at your calendar and add one day when you celebrate as a family. You may not have it all planned out right at the start, but that’s ok! Just write “Celebrate” on your calendar. As the day gets closer, you can prepare. Guard against making it too complicated or too difficult. Or, if you want to, be elaborate and over the top! Whatever is best for your family works. The main thing is to remember the heart behind the event. You are celebrating. Find something to celebrate about each person in your family. Celebrate how they have treated one another and share examples of how they put someone else’s needs ahead of their own. It’s not just accomplishments to celebrate; it’s more about celebrating the person you see them becoming and growing to become. Remember, we aren’t just marking time. We are making memories. Your kids will remember the times that you celebrated them!

Let’s Encourage Them

One of the great things you can do for your kids is to be their biggest encourager. As you see your kids working hard in activities, school, band, whatever their thing is, encourage them. Let them know you notice their hard work. Tell them you see them being a good sport, a good teammate, a good classmate. Notice how they treat others and praise them when they are an encourager. It’s not just the outcome that we praise. It is good for our kids to set goals and hit them. We can cheer them on as they work to accomplish the win! Be sure to encourage more than that. Encourage them when you see them treating others how you want them to! Let’s catch them and encourage them!

Let’s Break Routine

Wake up, go to school, come home, go to bed. Repeat. The day-to-day can get boring. Change it up! Break the routine. Find ways to do something out of the norm. Dream up a way that celebrates the people in your family and teaches your kids ways to encourage each other. Create spontaneous celebrations. Do something just for fun. Plan something crazy and out of the norm to do that your kids won’t even believe you are doing! After you listen to this week’s podcast, maybe try my pie-in-the-face idea if you need to!

Remember, if you aren’t someone that naturally celebrates or encourages, this may feel a bit uncomfortable for you. I promise that even in the hustle and bustle of school days and weekends filled with activities, celebrating your kids will be something they will never forget!

Check out our podcast  and listen in as Bailey and I talk about being intentional about this.