Hello friends and Happy New Year!

Wrapping up this holiday season, I really hope you were encouraged and supported through our Not Alone campaign. We were so blessed to interact with some many through our text number and we had such a great time at both of our live events. 

Loneliness and isolation, while more intense during the holiday season, still creeps into our lives at any time throughout the year. So I’d encourage you to come back to these resources when you are feeling alone or are struggling. We have blogs and resources on our website, our podcasts available on any platform, and the live recordings on our YouTube all that directly address these issues. 

We have a few steps out of the campaign that you can take:

  1. Join our text family to receive regular encouragement and resources by texting BetterDaysAhead to 940-329-5049
  2. Join our Goby family newsletter to be the first to know about everything happening at Goby and join us in the mission of helping others along the way here .
  3. To take the next step in your mental wellness journey, purchase our Overcoming Anxiety course – a five module course that includes videos, worksheets and other resources.  You can purchase it here and use the code Not Alone at checkout for 50% off!

As we turn to the new year, everywhere you look, you can’t hide from the onslaught of messaging telling you how to make your life better. 

Three steps to lose 60 pounds. 

Four hacks to become productive.

Buy my program to reinvent your life.  

Deep down, we all know the truth. There isn’t one magic pill that will radically change your life in a moment. A quick fix may feel good for a moment, but we can look back at our years of failed resolutions to see that few rarely stick. 

Our founder, Toby, shared a thought on his instagram last week that said “Life is more about rhythms than balance.” There is a positive element to the nature of utilizing the turn of the year to reflect back, reset, and set goals and intentions moving forward.  That is the natural rhythm of the season.  But the pressure to change so much about ourselves that often comes from seeing article after article and social media post after post in this time, can overwhelm us. Leading us to the point of no movement at all or even worse, driving us to feel shame and disappointment in where we find ourselves, pushing us backwards. 

During our live event on New Years Day, we talked about a brainstorming exercise that Toby has used for many years as a tool to reflect, reset, and set intentions for the years.  You can find that resource here. I’d encourage you if you haven’t yet, to spend some time with this document. Approach the questions with a heart of compassion towards yourself and a childlike wonder for the future. 

One of the greatest gifts of this season is the feeling of hope. We once again can hope for something different and better for our lives. In scripture, Paul identifies three core components our of lives and one of those is hope. Meaning it’s essential for us to keep hope at the front of our minds. I know firsthand how hard it is to hold on to hope. There are seasons where it feels like there’s only bleakness surrounding me. Like there is nothing positive I can find on the horizon.  You may find yourself there now. I would still encourage you to nurture the smallest glimmer of hope. Even if it feels like the smallest ember. No matter how small the ember, it always has the potential to become a roaring fire.   

That’s the message here at Goby. That freedom doesn’t come from the absence of struggle, but by recognizing a hope outside of ourselves frees us to not only survive but thrive even when our circumstances may say something different. We can do hard things when we keep our eyes on the sun. And we can help others along the way!

We believe in you. We join you in hope. We are with you in the God sized dream for 2023 in your life.