Connect and Do Good


How do you handle chaos? I know people that can THRIVE in it. Or at least that is what they want us to believe! We have been in what feels like a state of chaos for the past couple of years. Our lives were disrupted and changed forever. And things still haven’t seemed to settle down. Add in what is happening in your personal life, and it can feel like you are up against everything‚Ķconstantly!

We were not created to carry the weight of the world on our own. Scripture tells us that we are going to have trouble, that we will have hard times. The Bible also gives us instructions on what we can do when the world feels too much. We can overcomplicate things-well, at least I can. In this season, I have been actively trying to keep things simple. I try to see through the chaos and find rest and peace in Christ. That can be easier said than done. I have a few things I put into practice to see Jesus despite the chaos!

Connect with God
Please hear my heart on this-I don’t intend to condemn in any way. You need to connect with God, not just the news or social media. Yes, be aware, get caught up, turn it off, and put it down. Make sure you keep yourself in the rhythm of spending time with God. Model that for your kids. Let them see you reading your Bible or worshiping in the living room. If you are leading a church, share how you connect with God so that they can see and learn from your examples of how you spend time with God. Tough seasons will always be a part of our lives-maybe, not right now, but we are warned about the hard times that are to come. Being in the habit of connecting with God regularly will serve us well when that happens.

Connect with Others
It’s also important to connect with others. When I am overwhelmed or feeling anxious, I can tend to isolate myself. I sometimes do that physically -I stop being around people. And sometimes it’s emotionally-I stay superficial in my relationships. Isolation is not the solution. We are created to be in community and to connect with one another. That’s the heartbeat of the Goby community. We know the importance of having folks to connect with regardless of our location! Check-in with your friends and neighbors, join a small group at church, have lunch with your co-workers. And be sure to follow along on our social sites. Comment and share and be a part of helping us grow this community so that no one feels isolated or alone.

Do Good
One of the things I have found that has helped me the most when I am feeling overwhelmed with life is to do something for someone else. We can look inward and focus on ourselves when feeling stressed. But a simple solution to this is to serve someone else. When the other side of the world seems helpless, and your kids are bombarded with bad news, pray as a family. Send donations to relief efforts. Serve somewhere in your community. Encourage your kids to research ways to help. Pastors, provide your church family ways to serve. I believe the church is the hope of the world, and I think you can make the most significant impact in your communities and around the world by the way you lead!

It’s all about connection and community! Do you know all the ways we can grow as Gobies? Here are all the ways we can connect!






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