Yesterday, I had the privilege of doing something incredible! Yes, it was Christmas, and you may think I am talking about opening a spectacular gift. Being diagnosed with a severe panic and anxiety disorder, holidays can be a mixed bag for me. You see, I treasure time with my family. I know that I am blessed beyond measure. I can honestly say I find joy in many things. I also know what it is like to be surrounded by people who love and still feel isolated. That is why yesterday’s Not Alone Christmas Day Live Event was so important to me. For an hour, I was online, sharing part of my day with others who struggle with the same feelings I can sometimes struggle with.

And it was fantastic! We laughed, we had technical difficulties, we opened presents, we played games, we cried together, and we prayed. You and I both know that social media has a lousy wrap-but we were able to use the platforms to meet people right where they are. Social media is a tool that allows for another type of connection. Sometimes being in a room full of people is too much. We have found that some people like to watch and stay anonymous- not comment- just listen to the conversations we are having. I believe that connection is the greatest weapon in my fight for mental wellness.

Connection to others brings relational energy to your battle.

There is power in a crowd. You have seen this when we worship together in church. You have felt the energy of cheering for the same team in a stadium of strangers. Being isolated from others is not good for me, and it is not good for you. Sure, being face-to-face with someone is good for my soul. But I will make the most out of the opportunities that platforms like Instagram and YouTube afford me to connect with others. God can take anything and use it for His good. This week, be mindful of where you are spending time on social channels. Engage with accounts that are life-giving and that help fill your energy reserves!

Connection to others who speak life and hope breaks shame off your life.
We weren’t created to be alone. You see, God uses people to remind me of who He says I am. I have a few very close friends. These men have been in the trenches with me. And when I find myself slipping into the dark recesses of panic, these men remind me of who God says I am. One of the weapons I use to fight the feelings of shame that bubble up are the Forty I Ams. I want you to have a copy for yourself. Click here to get your copy. Read over these and find the one that is the hardest for you to believe. Write that one down on a notecard-write it on your mirror-commit it to memory. You were created to have a life free from shame. God loves you, and He is always with you.

Connection helps you break negative thinking cycles.
The voice in your head replaying the movie repeatedly is never a highlight reel. It is almost impossible to break the cycle of negative thinking alone. When we are isolated physically and/or emotionally, we may not have what it takes to break the negative talk in our heads. I need connection with others to break those patterns. That is why I love giving you my number. If you need to, text me. That’s right; you can text not alone to 940.329.5049. You can do it if you find yourself caught up in negative thoughts.

If you missed yesterday’s event, that’s ok. We will host another one in a week. Let’s get connect on New Year’s Day during our live event scheduled for 11:00 AM CST. Click Here to register and for more details and information, check out

Remember, you are not alone!