Navigating uncertainty can feel like the life is being sucked out of you at times. Our goal here at Goby is to help you take some of that life back. Fear and uncertainty are feelings we all face, so if you find yourself there we’re right there with ya. Here are some articles, videos and resources to that we hope will help you spark new ideas and ultimately hope into your everyday moments. 

How to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown – Harvard Business Review

Nathan and Susannah Furr leverage stories of many well-known and some not so known figures of success and how ubiquitously, they are all face fear and uncertainty. They assert that uncertainty and possibility are two sides of the same coin. The power of remembering often shows us that our moments of highest success were preceded by some of our most challenging times of worry. This principle is continuously played out in scripture as God calls his people to remember. One of the most prominent and powerful acts in our faith is the sacrament of communion, where we remember Jesus, his death and sacrifice and his resurrection. 

Four principles have emerged from the authors research of successful individuals in their experiences with uncertainty. They suggest to reframe your situation, experience small risks, prioritize small actions, and focus on value-based decision making. There is possibility to grow in resilience and managing uncertainty. Fear doesn’t always have to cripple us. Employing these tools can be a step in that direction. 

BYU Quarterback hugs an emotional kicker

If you like us here at Goby, we are pumped for the college football season. One of the reasons is stories like this where the passion and heart of the game is on full display.

For some context, the ninth ranked Baylor Bears came to Provo, Utah to play the underdog, BYU Cougars. The Cougars looked like they had the upset in the bag when with 30 seconds left and the game tied, lined up for a chip-shot field goal. The kicker, Jake Oldroyd, misses the potential game-winning field goal to send the game to overtime. Then in overtime, BYU and Oldroyd once again have the chance to win the game with a field goal that is missed. Can you imagine the emotion that Oldroyd is feeling? Miraculously BYU wins the game in double overtime and in the aftermath of the win, the camera pans to the BYU quarterback, Jaren Hall, hugging Jake Oldroyd who is incredibly emotional. 

When we face uncertainty and the fear is the result of our choices, what we need more than anything for someone who is a hundred percent for us. We all need a Jaren Hall in our life who can pick us up when we are in our lowest moments. Who can hold us when the weight of life seems too heavy to carry on our own. If you are experiencing fear and uncertainty, actively lean on the support system around you. 

Needs Quiz – How to best respond to your kids

Helping our kids to navigate their own fears and uncertainties is one of the biggest gifts we can give them. Often behavioral challenges in our kiddos stem from a place of fear and uncertainty and changing our perspective to try and view them in light of their needs rather than responses will alleviate stress for parents and provide security for our kids. Jeffrey and Amy Olrick offer two quizzes that can help us understand the highlights and blindspots in identifying our kids needs. The material is adapted from their book The 6 Needs of Every Child which is an incredible parenting resource. 

The team here at Goby is here for you and with you. Our prayer is that these resources can be a light in a dark moment and provide you help and hope in this season for you.

Keep swimming upstream!

Toby and the Goby Team