What book or books are you reading this summer?

I have always loved to read. I may have two or three books going at one time! Having a good book on hand is good for all gobies! Summer is a great way to spend time in a book…reading for enjoyment, finding out about new interests, or even learning a brand new skill. Books are a great option for your kids on these hot summer days.

Reading a book to your kids at bedtime is also a wonderful practice to help them, especially if they can feel anxious at bedtime. Books can be part of your nightly routine or rhythm to help your little one wind down for the evening. The predictable repetition of books read over and over can bring comfort and peace if your kiddo struggles with being overwhelmed at night. Summer is a great time to establish the practice of reading to your kids at night. Keep in mind, as your kids get older, reading a chapter from a chapter book is a good practice. You may think your kids are too old, but having a routine of reading a book instead of looking at a screen is a good thing! Plus, spending quality time with your kid as you wind down your day is good for their mental health as well.

We have created a Reading List for your little gobies to use. We want to help you encourage your kids and resource you with some positive practices, like the reading list you can find here. You can print this off for your kids or share it with someone. Let your kids choose books to read, and then let them complete the chart as they read through their books.

Have a great week!