Mid-July. It’s hot here in Texas. But you know what’s just around the corner?

School starts for many of our kids in just a few weeks.

I know many of you are beginning to think about the start of school. It may be that some of your gobies are a little out of school form and are in full summer mode still! We have a resource to share with you this week to help you begin the process of easing your kids-or maybe kids you know-back into the groove of school and schedules.

One of the things you can do for your kids is to begin the process of getting back to school slowly-you know, a little bit over time. Our Chore Chart is set up to do just that! You can use the one that we completed for you or use the blank one and have your kiddos fill in their own chores.

Something that we think is important for kids to practice each week is helping someone else. That’s why we included it in our chore chart. Lots of times, the pace of summer is a nice break for our kids and the rush back to schedules can cause your little ones to feel overwhelmed. Having an opportunity to help someone else can be good for your kids. It’s good for us, too. These Chore Charts are a resource for you to use and share.

Goby Chore Chart

I would love to hear how the Chore Charts are working for your family or a family you know! Let me know in the comment below-

Have a great week,