We are turning the corner and headed straight into the holiday season.

How does that sentence make you feel?
Maybe a combination of all of these feelings!

As we prepare for the holiday season, let’s spend intentional time preparing our hearts and minds so we can be as present as possible this year. This time of year, many lists are created in preparation for all the celebrations. Lists for groceries, chores to complete, honey-do’s, gifts, you may even have a list of lists!

This week, let’s focus on a list of prayers. You see, we can get busy-busy doing enjoyable and important things. So much so that we can overlook the importance and power of being prayerful.

Set a reminder on your phone to go off each day to stop and pray. You can say prayers of thanks and say prayers for friends and family. You can say prayers asking God for strength, comfort, and peace. And you don’t have to wait for the reminder to go off to pray when you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious-take a minute and pray.

You can also reach out to someone else and ask them to pray for you.
A friend told me that he was praying for me, and something in my heart shifted. I felt a peace and a Presence that I know I need in my life. Prayer is powerful. You may be in a dark place where you don’t think you can get the words past your lips; that’s ok-text someone. Ask them to pray for you. Ask them to send you a verse reminding you of God’sGod’s promises, or ask them to send you their favorite verse. By reaching out, you invite the power of community and connection to your battle.

You are not alone.

Send us a message at prayer@beaogoby.com and let us know how we can pray for you.

Let’s be prayerful as we swim upstream together~