Do you consider yourself to be a thankful person?
Is it easy for you to show gratitude?

This time of year, almost all of us spend some time thinking about thankfulness.

I am thankful for my wife.
I am thankful for my kids and their spouse.
I am thankful for my grandkids.
I am thankful for my church family.
And I am thankful for you and our growing goby family.

Typing out this list, I can feel a shift in my spirit. Living a life of gratitude shifts my focus and positively impacts my mental wellness. Thanking God for the ways He has provided for me and recognizing the gifts in my life that only come from Him is good for my soul. Something else I have learned about thankfulness is that the more thankful I am about what I have today, the easier it is to be thankful tomorrow. Sort of like compounding interest-it keeps growing! As we ready our hearts for the upcoming holiday season, I invite you to make your own list!

Click here to print your copy or add a note on your phone. When your family sits down to have dinner or you join friends for dinner, have them complete the list with you! Thankfulness changes our environment. As I shared earlier, having a thankful heart is good for my soul, and I know it is also good for yours.

You may think this is silly and not worth your time.

Do it anyway.

I promise your list could surprise you, and I am sure the lists of those around you will bring a smile to your heart.

Thankful for you!