Thoughts on Memorial Day

We sometimes skip past the reasons to recognize the purpose of Memorial Day and call this weekend the official start of summer. Today, our nation pauses to remember those that served and sacrificed. It’s an opportunity to recognize and honor men and women who gave their lives for the greater good.

Look for ways to show honor today? Here are a few links to ideas that your family can try.

National Park Foundation

DFW Child


I have always held high regard for honor. It’s an important quality that I have instilled in my kids and grandkids. When we show honor to others, it honors God. This is also why helping others along the way is something that gobies do.

Taking time to honor others is also a way to express our gratitude. One thing that helps my mental health is to keep acts of thankfulness as part of my daily routine. When we thank others, it takes the focus off of ourselves and gives us a chance to acknowledge that others are doing something for us every day. We are being served by the military, first responders, community leaders, and many more! Saying thank you to them and their families is a rhythm I highly recommend keeping.

Let’s do something to show honor to those who helped us along the way. Can you let us know how you showed honor this Memorial Day? Share in the comments below.

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