Scrolling through social media during the holidays brings about a mixed bag doesn’t it? For me, I love seeing pictures of my friends and family and if you know anything about me, you know I love pics of smoked meat! But I also recognize that for some, and even for me from time to time, I can begin to feel a little less encouraged by what’s in my feed. When we compare our lives and our photos with what we see and we can begin to feel less than. That comparison is not good for your mental wellness nor mine. And comparison can lead to deep feelings of isolation. 

We need to know our enemies when we are fighting for our mental wellness and isolation is one of the top three. Isolation or isolating yourself is not the same as spending time on your own. 

Isolation is intentionally removing yourself from the company of others. 

Isolation is intentionally withdrawing emotionally from those you are in relationship with.

Isolation is not what we are created for.

We are created for community and connection. And we need to remember that isolation is the enemy.

When you find yourself believing that withdrawing is the best plan, I would like for you to try this instead.

Text me. 

That’s right. 

Send me a text. 

Either me or someone from my team will text you back. Not bots, not canned responses,  we will text you back. We will connect with you, share tools, point you to others that want to help you along the way! And if you know someone that is feeling isolated-give them my number as well. That’s what this campaign is about. We want to meet you where you are and help you move through to God’s best for you. That’s something we do together in community connected by Christ’s love. And if you are looking for encouragement, let me know. We are here for you and we are honored to walk alongside you.

Here’s my number 940.329.5049.

I look forward to hearing from you-