We live in a nation of extremes in many areas.  It appears the divide between the very rich and the very poor increase every day. And to me, it appears that the chasm between the far left and the far right politically is intensifying in both rhetoric and numbers. Should we be surprised to see both extremes when it comes to our physical health?

On one side, we have a camp that tends to be obsessed with physical fitness.  Fad diets and extreme workout programs are advertised on every channel it seems.   You may even have a friend or two that have become enamored with the idea of ridiculously low (and unhealthy) body fat percentages.  Too many men and women have lives that are revolving around an unrealistic idea of “the perfect body” and will never be satisfied with their physical appearance until it measures up to some air-brushed picture on the front of a magazine.  

On the other side of the extreme is an equally damaging one: the neglect of our physical bodies.  What if I chose not to live in either extreme when it comes to my physical health and wellness?

I don’t need to be a workout fanatic.  I do need to understand that some level of consistent physical exercise is more than a good idea.  When I am at my best physically, I position myself for God’s best for me.  I’m not going to obsess over my food choices, but I am going to be educated and aware of the things I choose to eat on a regular basis.  I understand the importance of sleep and its effects on my physical health.  It’s a management issue.  I have lived the connection between an unhealthy physical lifestyle of poor food choices; lots of couch sitting and far too little sleep and watched it affect me emotionally and spiritually. The goal of good management is a physical body that reflects wellness. I have learned that physical wellness doesn’t just happen, it takes perseverance.

Our bodies need a good amount of sleep, a daily dose of exercise, and a healthy diet! Follow this link and make a copy for yourself to complete this week. Add one thing you will set a goal to do in each category for the next five days. It takes perseverance and I know you can do it!