Several years ago, I decided to start running. And, of course, with my personality type, I couldn’t just run. I had to run marathons.

I knew very little about running marathons, so I got some help. The same has been true with my mental wellness. I have searched out different kinds of support during different seasons in my journey.

Running requires focus. It requires time and energy. Yes, it’s true. You can wake up one day and start running. But to train for marathons takes practice. And just like running, or running marathons, we have to be intentional about being mentally well. Having someone to help me along the way as I was training was exactly what I needed. I may have been able to do it by myself, but knowing I had someone that had gone before me was helpful and important.

Several factors impact our mental wellness. We are going to talk about three this month. Emotional wellness impacts everyone around us and everything we do. Our physical health and the role exercise has on our mental health is also something I want to visit about with you. Lastly, we will talk about rest and its critical role in our daily lives.

I encourage you to print this chart. It’s a little exercise to help you see where you are today. We will work through the month together, spending intentional time practicing ways to improve our mental wellness. And we are here to help each other along the way. Know someone that could use this resource? Invite them along as well!

Just like my marathon training, being strong mentally takes practice. We are all about progress here at Goby. We aren’t looking for perfection. Let’s commit to focusing time and energy on the practice of mental wellness. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.