It’s June 27th. Summer is in full gear. And I want to talk about rest.

If you are home with little ones for the summer, I am guessing you are thinking….how in the world am I supposed to rest?

Maybe this is the time of year when it is difficult for you to find rest. If overwhelmed and busy have become your familiar routine, the concept of real rest is probably foreign to you. The feeling of overwhelm and a life that is too busy can lead to feelings of anxiousness. The Bible says, “An anxious heart weighs a man down.” A heart weighed down is not at rest because it bears a burden. How then, if you are in the habit of carrying a burden, or if you’re in the middle of a long summer, can you switch to a lifestyle of rest? Let’s try these three things this week and see if they help. If they do, make them part of your routine for the rest of the summer!

Find Time to Unbook 

Find 30 minutes to an hour in each of your days to unbook something. Cancel something, send a decline to something. Scratch something off the list of having to go and do. Share this with your kids. Model to them that you need some time to unbook. Let them see you sit and take a break. Just be still. Invite them to join you. It may not be a 100% break if they join you but make it a break in their typically scheduled day. You are taking time for yourself and modeling a critical piece of emotional wellness. Take time to unbook.

Find Time to Party

Well, maybe not party like you are thinking! Think more along the lines of planning for a rest party! Plan this Friday night to be a night of easy recipes, very little kitchen clean-up, a fun treat for the end of the meal, and top it off with a family movie. Make sandwiches or order a pizza. Serve dinner on paper plates. Start the wind down a little early so that your family-your house-your environment has space to decompress from the week. After the movie ends, sit with your people and practice taking deep breaths. Take time to relax.

Find Time for Yourself

You may have to work on this one. Maybe get up before the kids. Maybe stay up just a little later and find a quiet space for yourself. Squeeze in 10-15 minutes of time for you to be alone with your thoughts. If the morning or evening don’t work for you, maybe find time during nap time or rest. Quiet your mind. Slow your pace. Take time for yourself. 

Find Time Real Rest 

Rest is one of God’s most precious gifts. Only He has the power to satisfy and sustain us. Only He knows us well enough to minister to our souls so directly. He brings me things no human has been or ever will be equipped to bring to me. When I go to Him for help and comfort, He never disappoints me. “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” 

God’s dream for you is that you would learn to trust His ultimate control, but His dream for you doesn’t stop there! Jesus came not only to carry your burdens but also to give you rest from your weariness. Go easy on yourself or maybe, go easier on yourself this week. Give yourself a break or two. We don’t always see people embracing rest. That’s ok-you are doing this for yourself. Finding space for real rest takes time. 

But it’s worth it. 

You are worth it.