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Designed to help the local pastor connect with other pastors on the front line of navigating conversations regarding mental wellness. We have a range of options available for local pastors at minimal to no cost thanks to our sponsors at Goby Ministries. Toby is available to speak on Sundays and books are also available through the ministry. In addition, a coaching program led by Toby Slough is in development and will be released in early 2023.


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Goby Session 4

Goby Session 4

If you are alive and breathing, I’d say the chances are close to one hundred percent that you have felt pain or experienced a loss. And even still, so often, we find ourselves with an immense fear of facing a loss or feeling pain. Today, our goby team wants to offer...

Goby Session 3

Goby Session 3

Navigating uncertainty can feel like the life is being sucked out of you at times. Our goal here at Goby is to help you take some of that life back. Fear and uncertainty are feelings we all face, so if you find yourself there we’re right there with ya. Here are some...