Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
09 | Hey Dad... Let's Talk About Our Kid's Faith

A big question that parents often have is, “How do I help my child develop and grow in their own faith?”. On today’s episode, we talk about just that. It’s a topic that, as a parent, you may feel uncertain about. And maybe you just have never had anyone to discuss this kind of question with. Well, settle in, press play and listen to Dad give his two (or three) cents of wisdom. I promise you’ll walk away with multiple helpful nuggets that you’ll want to keep in your back pocket as you begin or continue to raise your kiddos to have a real relationship with Jesus. 

Would you like a bit more encouragement as you raise your kiddos? Read this recent blog post about what it looks like for you to be your kid’s biggest cheerleader. And then download this pdf that we wanted to share with you. Add your child’s name-make a copy for each kiddo! Read it to them and let them hear you speaking the truth of the words over them.


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