Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
12 | Hey Dad... Let's Talk About "Irrational" Fears

Y’all know what it’s like to have an intrusive thought that scares you so badly, you mentally head into a downward spiral? Or you have a child who is so scared of the dark, they won’t go in a room on their own? What about a teenager who is about to take on new responsibilities- a job, a move to college, etc- and yet they just don’t seem to be themselves? Maybe you keep these “irrational” fears, which seem very rational in the moment, locked up inside and actually don’t know where to go from here? Maybe you feel like you’re the only one. Well, you aren’t. Press play and listen while Dad and I discuss this very real struggle that many of us have as we continue our conversation surrounding Mental Health Awareness month. 


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