Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
14 | Hey Dad... Let's Talk About the Transition to Summer

As we move into the summer, a new season brings fun and excitement! But these types of transitions can also bring about changes that may feel overwhelming or just unknown. In this candid conversation, I talk to Dad about the expectations and pressures I feel as a mom when it comes to summer and how I don’t always know how to handle them. To be honest, we recorded this on the first day of summer when all of my kids were home and it made recording a podcast pretty interesting. So you just might hear from a tiny surprise guest! The honest conversation I have with Dad today may include some things that you also feel, but you’re nervous to admit or tell someone about. If change is something that tends to affect your mental health or just overwhelms you in general, I hope you listen today and know you aren’t alone.


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