Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
19 | Greatest Hits: Hey Dad... Let’s Talk to Mom About What It’s Like When Someone You Love Is Struggling With Their Mental Health

Throughout the month of June we will be re-airing some of our greatest hits from season one! Today’s episode is a re-air of episode 13!

Today we have a VERY special guest and her name is… Mom. Just kidding, her name is Mika, but she is Mom to me. She is wife and best friend to Toby and Honey to her grandkids. She is loved by so many and I am elated that our podcast family (that’s you!) is getting the chance to glean from this woman’s wisdom. Up until this point, Dad has shared a lot about his journey with panic attacks and anxiety. But it has not only been a journey for him, it has also been a journey for my Mom, too. Today she shares her story. She shares how she felt when he first admitted he was struggling, who was her source of comfort, what she has learned along the way, and so much more. This is a side to the story that we don’t often get to hear, so lean in and listen close. Oh and also grab some tissues, because I think you’ll probably want a few on hand for this episode. Don’t forget to also share with someone you know would benefit from listening. There’s power in a “me too” moment and we want others to know they’re not alone as they love and support someone else who is struggling.


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