Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
Hey Dad... Can You Talk?
20 | Hey Dad.. Let’s Talk About Going Back to School

We are backkkkk! We hope you’ve had a great summer full of friends, family, fun and some good A/C! (At least if you live in the South where it’s been hot as all get-out!) Dad and I are super excited to bring you along for some fresh new conversations this semester. You can expect to leave each conversation with nuggets of wisdom, practical tips/resources and of course some laughs… and maybe some tears at times.  

Whether you are ready or not, the First Day of School is mostly likely headed your way. Today Dad and I spend some time talking about ways that you and your family can start strong and be intentional in order to make this the very best school year yet! Press play and settle in for a convo that I know will help recalibrate your focus when it comes to beginning school!


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