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Is it possible to love Jesus and suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, or depression?

If you've ever felt confused that this "Jesus thing" isn't working because you feel overwhelmed with your everyday life, or if you've felt "less than" because you can't just overcome what's holding you back, know that you're not alone.

Pastor Toby Slough knows what it feels like to smile while feeling utterly broken. But he's also learned how to live with courage and freedom. It’s about discovering the truth about God, and he invites you to do the same in Not Yet.

Create Healthy Coping Habits

This is not a name-it-and-claim it approach. Pastor Toby offers practical and proven methods to reduce and manage anxiety that will also strengthen your faith and knowledge of the Bible.

Change Your Relationship with Anxiety

Anxiety helps us survive as a species. So guess what? It’s not going away. But how we choose to live with anxiety makes all the difference. Learn how to forever change its effect on you and embrace who God created you to be.

“Toby’s words won’t just bring you help, they will lead you to the hope that there is a God who will rescue you from anything you are going through.”

Carlos Whittaker, Author of Moment Maker and Kill the Spider