If you have spent any time around here, you know that I often share about the unforced rhythms of grace. I have a hard time with balance in my life, and I find my mental wellness is healthy when my goals are rhythms rather than balance. We talked a few weeks ago about what these rhythms look like in my life.

I have a new one for you this week. 

Let’s get serious about the rhythm of gratitude.  Even in the midst of the “not yet” moments of our lives, let’s acknowledge how He has provided for us, protected us, blessed us, looked out for us, maybe even healed us! It can be easier to list out all the things we don’t have….but what about making a list of things we are grateful for this Thanksgiving. 

I am thankful for my wife.

I am thankful for my kids and their spouse.

I am thankful for my grandkids.

I am thankful for my church family.

And I am thankful for you and our growing goby family.

 I am sure I can think of five or so more things to add to my list. As I write my list and thank God for the ways He has provided for me and I recognize the gifts in my life that only come from Him, I honestly feel my heart shift. I feel a lightness in my spirit. 

Are you ready to make your list? I have one available for you HERE (with an extra coloring page for all the little Gobies!)  

Print one of these out for each of the guests you have coming to share Thanksgiving with you this week. Make sure you make one for the kids, too. This is something for everyone to do-something to help each of us right our hearts to thankfulness we can sometimes lose sight of. 

You may think this is silly and not worth your time. Do it anyway. I promise your list could surprise you and I am sure the lists of those around you will bring a smile to your heart.  It’s an easy step you can take to be thankful in your heart for everything. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Gobies-