Toby Slough

Toby serves as the Legacy Pastor for Cross Timbers Church in Argyle, Tx.

He is the founder of, Goby, an organization creating resources that help people live emotionally healthier lives. Goby is on a mission to redefine what winning looks like in the world of mental health.

About Toby Slough

My own 30 year battle with anxiety and depression has fueled my mission to provide comfort, hope, and healing to people of all ages who suffer emotionally. 

I believe that we don’t talk about mental wellness enough in the church. We confuse worry with anxiety. We confuse depression with sadness. It’s not a quick prayer and a quick verse, and everything’s going to be okay. I think many times we’re not talking about it, because so many in leadership have never experienced these issues.

This could be the church’s finest hour. I don’t think the sky is falling. I think that the answer to our mental challenges that many of us face is a person and His name is Jesus.

I would love to help church leaders get resourced in a way that we can begin to normalize the conversation around mental health for both adults and kids. We can see not only our churches thrive, but we can see people in our neighborhoods come to know the person of Jesus Christ.

Come on somebody.

This is our moment.

What's Toby All About?