If you are anything like me, you have found yourself dealing with uncertainty and fear on some level. Fear is a feeling, an emotion. Moving forward is an action. It’s an act of faith.

Learning to navigate through uncertainty and fear is key to mental wellness.

Trying to eliminate uncertainty is impossible, frustrating, and soul sucking.Our goal should be to move forward in spite of fear.  This was true during the pandemic, the elections, and school shootings. It is true in our everyday lives.I know many who beat themselves up because of the fear that uncertainty brings. 

Moving forward takes a power greater than my own. Some may tell you to just “not think about it.” When I am facing an uncertain situation, my healthiest reaction is to focus on things that are certain. It is more productive to replace those thoughts with something better. 

The resources you find on this page will fill your mind and heart with the truth of God’s power and goodness. They have worked for me as I have battled for my mental wellness and I believe they will work for you.

Swimming with you, 
Toby and the Goby Team

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