Are you a Ted Lasso fan? I am not ashamed to admit that I am! I can’t get enough. The characters are relatable, kind, and encouraging; it’s not too campy, the storyline is meaningful and has depth and humor. 

And Ted has anxiety.
So, I relate.

If you haven’t watched the season finale, STOP READING!!!! 

During a press conference after the big game, Ted discloses the reason for his absence during a critical time in an earlier game – a panic attack. It was like the writers had read my mail! In the episode, Ted admits the Truth to reporters, but he goes even further and apologizes to his team for not being honest. Ted acknowledges that by not telling his team the Truth, he missed an opportunity to gain their trust and grow their relationship. In addition, he robbed them of the chance to help him along the way. It’s a great reminder that it is hard to admit the struggle, but it takes great courage to admit your pain to someone you love. 

Telling the people you love about your panic, anxiety, or depression may be the hardest step you ever take. But it is also the most important.

Goby, can I encourage you today? If you are struggling and you don’t know how to tell your spouse, your parents, your friends, or someone you love, try these three things:

  1. Wait for the appropriate time. Your pain isn’t something to share for the first time at dinner or during a football game – or a soccer show for that matter.
  2. Be honest. Don’t try to make it seem better or worse. But, on the other hand, be careful not to protect or project. Remember, you are loved, and you are not alone.
  3. Don’t own their response. Your responsibility is to share the Truth honestly. Your sincerity gives them an opportunity to help you. Even though they may not fully understand, provide them with the chance to be there for you.

I am going to spend more time talking about Ted Lasso in the upcoming weeks. You will want to follow along on our social sites. I am excited to share many thoughts, and I want to hear from you too! Shows like Ted Lasso give us all an opportunity to engage in conversations around mental wellness-it opens a door. But an open door is just a start. 

Won’t you join me? Let’s talk about the Solution, the Truth, the Light. Let’s have fun talking about a television show and then grow in our relationship with God by helping another along the way.