This week, we are going to talk about something from a little different angle. I spend time creating resources and videos on things you can try to improve your mental health. But this week, I wanted to talk about what we shouldn’t do. I want to talk about what we shouldn’t believe. God calls us to greatness and says that we are made in His image. But sometimes, that can be hard for us to believe about ourselves or even the people love. This week, I want to share a few thoughts on what I think you shouldn’t believe.

What You Shouldn’t Believe About Yourself

You are more than your depression, your anxiety, your panic attacks. You are all that God says you are. Do you know what He says about you? You are a conqueror. Don’t believe you are anything less. How about trying this little exercise this week? Print off the 40 I Ams this week. Read over them. Find the one that you want to believe about yourself. Highlight it. Write it on your mirror. Write it on a notecard and keep it with you. God has called you to be an overcomer and with His strength, you are. Believe that about yourself. 

What You Shouldn’t Believe About Your Kids/Teens 

Your son or daughter is more than their depression, their anxiety, their panic attacks. They are more than the mental illness they have been diagnosed with having. They are more than the label detailed in all the paperwork from the doctor or from the school. Help them believe that about themselves. Don’t believe that the label is all it will ever be. They are sons and daughters of the King. I know it will be hard from time to time to keep the truth of who God says they are front and center. That is why you need a community of folks supporting you and encouraging you to help you along the way. . If you haven’t signed up to receive our weekly newsletter, you can do that by clicking here. Maybe you know someone that could benefit from this community. You can send this link their way. We would be honored! God has called your kids to be mighty in the Kingdom, and with His strength, they are. Believe that about your kids

What You Shouldn’t Believe About a Friend a Spouse

Your friend that struggles with their mental health or your spouse/significant other who struggles may believe that things will never get better-that they are destined for a life that is not all God promised. They need support and encouragement to not believe that about themselves. And you will need to fight the urge to believe that about them as well. You will need to be filled back up so that you don’t become bitter, resentful, or frustrated, fill in the blank with any one of a thousand negative descriptions. Loving someone that struggles with mental wellness can be complicated and lonely.  Remember, you are not alone either. I highly recommend you listen to our podcast where Mika, my wife, shares what it is like to love someone with panic and anxiety. I promise you; that we are closer despite my diagnosis. We pray a lot. We communicate a lot. And we are very honest with each other. God’s desire for us is to be in a healthy relationship with one another, and with His strength, we can achieve that. Believe that about your friend, spouse, or significant other.

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